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Not Your Self Perception - Thea & JD

March 16, 2017

 Thea's Take

Thea Fandel owns Brainstate Balance in Pacifica, CA.  Learn more about her services at www.brainstatebalance.com. Learn more about Brainstate Technologies at www.brainstatetech.com

When I met JD, a psychologist had “diagnosed” him with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  But I didn’t pay attention to that. I don’t diagnose.  I just use my equipment to assess brain frequencies and then balance them.  I do interpret, but I don’t “know” and I certainly don’t judge. I think of myself as the pizza delivery lady for better brain function. 


JD didn’t talk much. Frankly, he seemed like a guy whose wife had dragged his butt to something he didn’t want to do. He let me put the sensors on his head; he answered my questions politely but with an edge. 


As the results appeared on my screen, I said, “I’m picking up something that looks like you may have experienced a loss recently.” 


“No F—-ing sh-t!” he barked, “Why do you think I’m here?”  


It wasn’t until weeks later that JD told me he had lost 13 close friends and relatives over an 18 month period. He lost 2 brothers, 2 cousins, and his 2 best friends.  Some of those he lost left behind young children.  One death broke apart what was left of his side of the family. 


But there was more!  He had mysterious health issues, and what I call the “ice wall” in his brain waves prevented him from addressing them. He was exhausted, in physical pain, and literally couldn’t move out of the darkness. 


After the assessment, I gave a 20 minute trial experience of Brainstate.  


So what IS Brainstate?  It's a process that uses advanced computer technology to create an “acoustic brain mirror” for your brain activity. I place read-only, non-invasive sensors on your scalp. They read your brain waves.  Software translates your brainwaves into sounds with varying pitch and timing. These sounds get played back to you on earbuds, in real time. The Brainstate company calls this a “self-reflection process that supports the brain to bring itself to a relaxed state.” It makes the brain reorganize its own rhythms on its own terms.


When JD stood up, he said, “My wife's right. I need to see a doctor.” 


He returned for 8 visits over 4 weeks. With his frequencies balanced, he found joy again; his sense of humor came back; he became productive. And his health got sorted out. (Turned out he had monster sleep apnea - he was waking once per minute - and that took a surgery to correct.)


JD learned what I want all my clients to learn - your problem is not "you." You are not your self-perception. It’s not that you haven’t meditated enough or taken enough vitamins; the brain is just running it’s program files; it’s got nothing to do with “you.”  Change the files, and that heavy burden of responsibility shifts. You become liberated from all that. You don’t have to talk about your “stuff;” you don’t have to blame yourself.  You just sit with yourself and listen to your brain, and your stuff works itself out. You hardly have to do a thing. 

JD's Story

JD is a husband, dad, and software engineer living in San Francisco, CA.

He does not wish to be contacted.


I had migraines and fatigue and pain so extreme that I could barely function. But I was in denial about it, and I was stubborn. I didn’t want to spend money, so I saw a couple “regular” doctors - you know, the ones with a $15 co-pay. They told me I was in fabulous shape - except for rising cholesterol - and gave me migraine medicine - which actually gave me migraines since migraines weren’t my real problem. 


I don’t know when the problems started. I think it was 2010 - the year all the people began to die. It seemed like everyone close to me was dying - 13 people in less than 2 years.  In 2013, my wife was even in a car accident that could’ve killed her - she had a terrible concussion. 


Basically, I was angry all the time.  I don’t want to say more than that. I was just angry, and I’d I stopped trying to find help for myself until a couple of turning points when I realized how out of control I’d become. I tried therapy, but talking about the deaths made my symptoms worse. Something I said after an angry bout inspired my wife to look into neurofeedback. And she found Thea.


During my first session, I could feel that it was the pain that was making me angry. And I instantly recognized that I needed to find the right doctor. My wife had a guy I wouldn’t see because he was off our plan. That guy set me up with a neurologist who set me up with a sleep doctor. Within a month, we learned I had severe sleep apnea from weak muscles in my throat. When I’d lie down for bed, my muscles would relax and suffocate me. I’d wake up unconsciously an average of once a minute all night long. 


The apnea plus loss upon loss gradually put me into a state where I couldn’t handle my life. Brainstate lifted the tension and helped me see I could. I still had loss, I still had pain, but I could deal with it. The treatments even helped me sleep a little better until I finally got the surgery that put the apnea to stop.


I can’t thank Thea enough. Thea was knowledgable about her technology; insightful in her interpretation; and confident in its result. She’s open, non-judgmental and has a good sense of humor. I trusted her, even when she called me out during the evaluation for the loss and the anger. 


The new doctor put me on the mediterranean diet, which helps my cholesterol. I’ve got a gym at work; so I exercise every day.  And I find time to pray and meditate. 


What I learned from this experience is that life is delivered to you, and it’s up to you to make something of it.  And that medicine is about technology and human beings are not. Allopathic medicine is limited; it’s as if every doctor has a different type of hammer, and if your problem happens to be the right kind of nail, things will work out.  My apnea surgery was fabulous.  But before we found the diagnosis “nail,” the doctors either denied my problem or made me worse.  So, it’s up to you to decide what works for you. You’ve got to keep trying and have hope.

The Discipline



  • JD takes no prescriptions.


  • DHEA 


  • Acupuncture

  • Brain State Balance


  • 2-3 mile walks 3 days per week

  • Eliptical 4 days per week

  • Weight training 4 days per week


  • Mediterranean Diet - little red meat, lots of vegetables, fruit, chicken and fish. Occasionally indulges in chocolate and coffee. 



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March 16, 2017

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