Lemons & Beets is a place where you can laugh at your woes (or just laugh at the cartoons) and think about what's right for your health. We don't offer solutions - just laughter and thought. An individual's path to wellness may be long and varied, but it is always unique. The path can seem daunting at times - but it's a journey worth taking.  


Lemons & Beets does not provide medical advice, nor should our stories be construed as such.  Our sole goal is to provide humor and inspiration.



After 30 years of dealing with her health, she feels she could write her "Coming to Wellness" story for the rest of her life and never repeat herself.  For most of that time she saw miraculous remission; other times struggle and returns to traditional medicine. She created Lemons & Beets because she believes in the power of story to uplift, inspire and heal.


Learn more about her at   www.annenygren.com


Lemons and beets are both foods that cleanse the liver. To Anne, those words together are a code for her destiny as well as her life-long healing discipline. The funny story behind the name appears in the blog.


The charming characters poke fun at the 30 year health struggle she has endured with her husband at her side. 

For now, whenever you're frustrated with your own journey, remember "beets and lemons, lemons and beets" is your destiny, too.  

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As you can see, I'm not an MD.

So you shouldn't take medical advice from me.

Use this site for inspiration

To improve your health situation.

Then turn to a doc that you know well

And soon you shall be feeling swell.